Is There Really A God?

A Christian’s Perspective…

Are we as Christians just closed minded?

To start off with I believe that the possibility of there being a higher power is not closed minded at all, the Christian Church began in the final book of the bible “Revelations”, so this would be 1st Century AD… I find it rather ironic, how many atheists deny Jesus, yet we still use B.C (Before Christ) and A.D which stands for the Latin phrase “Anno Domini” (The Year of our Lord). 

From my Experience, I have Observed that a lot of people in our society today that denounce the the Word of God, have never even read a Bible, yet they are very quick when a Christian opens their mouth to spread the message, to rebuke and say things such as; “There is no God and when we die we just die”. or “The Bible is written by man so it’s not possible that any of this is true, were you there to see any of this, or there to know if Jesus ever really existed?”. To which my response to these individuals would be, “How do you know?” To which the individual would respond, “No.” Then I would follow up with, “You have a long line of ancestors don’t you?” Their reply, “Yes” My response “You have never seen the person who started your family line centuries ago have you?” To which they reply “No…” and then I respond with, “But you know they exist even though you have admitted that you have never seen that ancestor, so how can you use that same logic to determine whether or not The Bible speaks any truth?”.


This is a summary of how people think and are so quick to shut you down without realising that their thought process in which they speak with such authority is flawed because they have not really given thought to the subject matter. The way people talk about The Bible is the same way people talk about a book that they haven’t read or a film they have not seen, but will comment and say “Oh it’s a terrible film or a terrible novel.” And somebody will ask “why is this?” to which you then say, “Well I haven’t seen it, but I was listening to the radio the other day and it had so many bad reviews from critics, so they must be right.”

If those of you reading this article have the same questions that critics of The Bible do, then I am positive that a lot of your questions will be answered in the series of articles I will be sharing on this topic. In order to be able to understand and speak confidently when being challenged by non-believers, it was important for me as a Christian to be able to see from the other side, after all I too had the same questions that challenged information in The Bible. Having read my Bible more and more and Observed miraculous works in my personal life, I was satisfied that there was no doubt a higher power both in and outside of this universe, A Supreme Ruler.

What is the point of this article?

The aim of these articles is not to convert the reader and compel them to believe that they should be christians because I cannot do that. We are all on our own journey, our own tests, a relationship with God is personal and between both yourself, and the heavenly father should you desire that. The aim of this article is to educate the reader by asking and answering the common questions and addressing the misconceptions that have been perpetuated over thousands of years in regards to the existence of Jesus and ultimately God’s Plan. The hope is that this article will give you clear information as to what is going on in our society today and make you aware of how The Bible’s messages, warnings and truth’s are coming to fruition, And at least get you thinking about what’s going on in front of you in todays world. You may even find you have your questions answered. The end game of this article is that you will have as much evidence as needed for one to make an informed decision on whether or not they believe in God or if they still do not believe. I’m just laying out the information as it is our mission as christians to spread the Word of God. I had a friend of mine who saw me on social media posting about idol worship and how some celebrities in this MeTooMovement era, are falling victim to celebrity idol worship, doing things for these people that they would not do for the average human being all because they are starstruck and want to please this individual. Having Observed my posts she popped up to me saying, “Wow I didn’t know The Bible spoke about these sorts of things.” – In the same breath she then explained she was raised as muslim but has never even picked up Bible or Quran. This is the problem, one of the common misconceptions with The Bible, is that it is just an old fairy tale book of stories, but it’s not, it’s God’s Story, History as in His Story. One of the quotes I had shared in regards to the aforementioned social media post on Idol Worship, was how the bible states in:

1 John 5:21 “Dear Children, Please keep yourselves from Idols”.

How is this relatable today?

There have been stories of many celebrities who have been put in a position of power who have abused their fame and abused women and children even men, throughout decades and some have managed to “get away” with these things. And regardless of whether or not these people are held accountable today in society they still managed to do the damage due to the power they had over the idol worshiper. Now, the reason the scripture is important is because The Bible warns us to stay away from Idol Worship, being bought for the price of being in the presence of somebody famous. How many of us will act irrationally or do something out of character whilst in the presence of or being faced with the potential of meeting a celebrity? Not all of us care, however it’s like how a lot of people behave when they see a nice car, they will take a photo of it, some will even pull out their phones to capture a picture of a celebrity or a really nice car whilst driving which is against the law in some countries. The point is that people are doing things that they would not normally do if not for being under the spell of a celebrity. *Side Note* “I will be updating these articles with more examples of these behaviours alongside scripture to further the points made in this series.”

How many of us are willing to help a celebrity do something or harass celebrities with the hope of a friendship or their acceptance, but will pass the homeless person sleeping in a doorway who is lonely and doesn’t have any food to eat? We are slaves to our own sins.

But The Bible’s not really relevant today is it?

 Yes it is! If you read The Bible you will find that the world is 100% corroborating how the Bible dictated that society would change before the end of days. If you read The Bible, It says in “2 Timothy 3:1-4 New International Version (NIV)

3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God”

There has definitely been an exponential decline in the number of people who identify themselves as religious and we as Christians, or at least I will speak for myself feel in the minority, despite the fact Christianity is still statistically the most popular religion. However, it appears that people are more interested in money, or actively going out to do things that The Bible does not condone. 

1) “People will be lovers of themselves”, Let’s take a closer look at what this statement is trying to convey, People will be selfish… we see this in life all the time, take our governments for example. The lives of honest hardworking people are made harder, In the UK for example, homless people are being kicked while they are down are being treated unfairly, there are extreme budget cuts where money clearly is available but the government are happy to reserve these funds for their own personal pockets and will unjustly abuse its civilians yet complain that there is not enough money to fix our broken communities.  

2) “Lovers of Money” , – It is clearly all about the money, people will do just about anything these days just to get their hands on money and will even degrade themselves for it, whether it will be selling fake stories to the press for money, prostitution or even drug dealing and theft. People will sell out their own family even if the price is right. Family will have squabbles over money as well – The term “Money is the root of all evil” has never been more true till now. Judas betrayed Jesus for money, thats the most classic example of this point. 

3) “Boastful” People love to show off, “Look at how much Money I have, Look at this beautiful Range Rover or Ferrari I have.” Take rappers, “I got 2 Chains, Diamonds on my wrist, She looked at my watch – she looked at a $100k.” It’s all about showing off to people how you are better than them. In the rap music scene, the term for this is called “Flossing” That is not a way to be and it’s not Charitable, there’s nothing wrong with having nice things but it is boastful behaviour still.

This concludes my introduction post and I hope that by reading this your mind was broadened to the need to investigate The Bible more. It is a big book and it does have a lot of historical stories in it, but it has a lot of messages and makes predictions that cannot be challenged.

This has been The Observing Experience, Signing Off! God Bless!

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